Aquarium Salt Water Parameters

The aquarium salt water quality can quite literally mean life or death to the inhabitants of your tank.

Even if the water looks clear you will be amazed at how much detritus and chemical pollutants are contained in it.

The chemistry of sea water is very complex as it contains over 80 individual elements.
However you don't need a university degree in chemistry to maintain the composition of the aquarium water to a satisfactory and healthy level for your tanks inhabitants.Just take a bit of time to understand the basics.

The table shows the ideal parameters of the saltwater’s basic composition that should be maintained.

Clicking on each of the components will take you to another page to learn more about each topic.

Ideal Parameters of Aquarium Salt water

PH Range 8.0-8.3
Nitrate optimum = 0
Ammonia 0 (zero)
Nitrite 0 (zero)
Temperature 75-81F
Calcium 380-450ppm
Strontium 5-15ppm

Test kits are readily available from your local aquarium stockist to test many of the waters elements.
Initial purchase costs maybe a little high but well worth the expense.
Most kits will give numerous tests so will last a number of months.
However out of date test kits may give incorrect results.

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