in the Salt Water Aquarium

Ideal level = 400mg/L

(measured with water at 24°C or 75°F)

Calcium is an extremely important element in seawater.
It is used by corals and other calcareous forms, to build their skeletal structures and shells.

The pH level and alkalinity of the saltwater will also govern the availability of carbonate and bicarbonates for these creatures to extract from the water.

It is clear from this that carbonates, bicarbonates, pH and alkalinity all interact with one another to provide a healthy environment for these creatures.

Regular changes of water made with good quality artifical salt will help to maintain a balance of the minerals in the aquarium.


Translated from the German for "limewater" is a solution made by dissolving Calcium Hydroxide in water.

The addition of this can help maintain the Carbonate levels, pH levels and Alkalinity of the aquarium saltwater.

However, carefully consider how much is required in your aquarium and only add the Kalwasser slowly.

The aim with Kalkwasser is for it to join with the available carbon dioxide molecules in the aquarium water and become bicarbonate ion's.

If added too quickly it can cause solid carbonates to form.
This can actually cause the Alkalinity in your tank to go down and the solid carbonates will precipitate out becoming white deposits (snow) in the aquarium with potentially disastrous consequences.

Some aquarists add the Kalkwasser to vinegar first and then dilute this with RO water to prevent event from happening ( a chemistry lesson).
However we have not tried this method and would suggest further investigation into the technique before attempting this so as not to add harmful solutions to your aquarium.

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